Grandma's Favorite Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Today's dishcloth pattern is a family favorite. I'm sure you've seen it before. A simple, classic knit dishcloth that is worked from corner to corner. This is the dishcloth I remember my grandmothers and mother using. It's been passed down to me and now I'm passing it along to you!

I used this gorgeous Cotton Hemp yarn from Martha Stewart Craft's collection for Lion Brand. The color is peacock and it's a slightly bluer version of a peacock feather. As with all Martha Stewart's products, the colors are rich and beautiful.


Using US size 7 needles, co 3.

Row 1: K2, yo, k1—4 st.

Row 2: K2, yo, knit to end of row—5 st.

Rows 3-37: Repeat row 2

At end of row 37, there should be 40 st on the needle.

Row 38: K1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, knit to end of row—39 st.

Rows 39-72: Repeat row 38

At end of row 72, there should be 5 st on the needle.

Row 73: K1, k2tog twice—3 st

Bind off. Weave in ends.


  • co – cast on
  • k – knit
  • yo – yarn over
  • st – stitch
  • k2tog – knit 2 together (decrease)

This pattern is not to be sold or copied. DO NOT post this pattern elsewhere online or claim it as your own. Items made from this pattern may be sold. If you want to share this pattern, please refer them to this post. If selling online, please make mention of Stitches Be Cray and link back to my site.